Katsu Cafe

Lately, there have been a lot of these katsu places popping up around Manila. The most famous is probably Yabu. Being a student, I find it a necessity to look out for budget friendly meals. Obviously, Yabu is not budget friendly and is pretty expensive. Although, you do get what you pay for. But, I was told before that Katsu Cafe was a pretty good "rip off" of Yabu. I visited the branch by Marcos Highway with some friends and it said in their sign that it was a soft opening. I'm not sure how true the sign was but when we went there the place was empty. It was only me and my friends that were dining in so we made all the noise that we wanted! (HAHA) I loved the interiors of it but I wasn't able to take too many photos.

For the price I was paying for, I was already pretty satisfied with what I got. Although, the serving could have been a bit bigger. Also, no unlimited cabbage. :( Rice is unlimited though but I'm not really super heavy on rice. Obviously it's no Yabu but it was still good for a student on a budget like me.

I love this lamp! 

The overall experience was good. The staff was very friendly and accommodating and the service was efficient. For the price I paid (Php 215), it was a pretty good deal already. I was pretty full with the meal and left the place satisfied. I ordered the Pork Katsu Set and it had unlimited rice, cabbage, pork katsu and miso soup. Plus, you get to the grinding of the sesame thingies too.

- K

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