Palgantong Black Mania Eye Tattoo Liner

Mom got me this eyeliner from Sasa (12.60USD) a few days back, and it's what I've been using this past week. It's a bit more expensive than my usual liner (The Face Shop), so I expected quite a lot from this one. 

The tip could be softer, but I like how it gives me more control and precision while lining my eyes. However, I was quite disappointed by how the eyeliner doesn't last the entire day. Upon getting it, I did a swatch on my hand and was happy that it was pigmented and lasted the whole day. 

On my eyelids though, it's a different story. It's quite a letdown, since it's advertised as a "tattoo liner". It also dries up in clumps, and I end up retouching more often that I thought I would. Disappointing, really.

My eyes can be difficult to work with, as I've been told my several make up artists in the past. My eyelids fold in, which means that eyeliner (and even eyeshadow) will only be visible if eye makeup is applied to at least 1/3 of my eyelid. Do any of you have the same issue? 


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