Hello from HKG!

I'm finally settled in! 

... and what better way to kickstart my adventure than with yummy dessert from our favorite fastfood chains?

I didn't have to go very far to satisfy my sweet tooth. Apparently, Mcdonalds HK offers pretty good desserts. (Plus, the McSpicy is a permanent on their menu, they serve Sausage McMuffins even waaaay past 10am, and they have salads and rice wraps! Amazing!) 

McCafe: Cookies & Cream Cheesecake (26HKD)

Pretty pricey, as it costs a little bit more than a slice of cake from Starbucks in Manila. However, I'd say this is even better than what they serve in Starbucks, because it is light and you can really taste the cream cheese. The crust is the right thickness, and they're very generous with the cookie crumbs/chunks.

McDonalds: Choconana Cake McFlurry (15HKD)

Although a bit more costly compared to Manila's McFlurry, this is definitely worth its price. With moist cake slices mixed in the soft serve, it's quite similar to Dairy Queen's Blizzard. Chocolate syrup and a pump of Vanilla (like what they put in cafe drinks) add to the rich flavor of this dessert. 

KFC: Egg Tart (6HKD/pc)

My family can consume 2 boxes of this per day! If that doesn't convince you to try this...

The crust has just the right amount of flakiness, and the egg filling is moist and not as dense as Chinese egg pies (which are actually different). I find these comparable to Lord Stow's. They're also available in Snack Boxes. 

Photo from the KFC HK Website (http://www.kfchk.com/en/menu/snack_box.html) 

I'm on the lookout for even more desserts! Stay tuned for more! :)

- J

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