Hello World!

Nothing less than a programmer-abused phrase for our new baby (er... blog)'s first post! 

The Mixed Reviews was conceived after a simple two-liner over Sunday lunch.

Me: Let's make a blog.
Kat: Game!

... and so this was born.

(circa 2009, when mirror selfies were all the rage)

Kat and I are half-Filipino, half-Chinese cousins who grew up together, as we are pretty close in age. We enjoy trying out new restaurants (especially places that serve dessert!), watching movies, reading blogs, DIYs, shopping and basically all activities that ladies our age enjoy. 

(me on the left and Kat on the right, at present)

This September though, I'll be leaving Manila to study Engineering in the University of Hong Kong (Kat takes up MAC in Ateneo). We thought that this blog would help us share our experiences not only with each other, but with others, as well. 

We hope you enjoy reading about our MNL/HKG escapades because we're super psyched to get this blog up and running! :)

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