Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Having the word "review" on the title of this blog, it is inevitable that you will encounter reviews. On our previous post we reviewed a gelato place and now makeup! We definitely hold true to the title of this blog, especially with the "mixed" in it.

The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains is a relatively old product that has been in the market for quiet some time now. I've encountered this countless times in blogs, youtube videos, magazines and friends who constantly rave about it. I decided to finally hop on the long overdue bandwagon and cave in to buying it. Whenever I pass by the Revlon counter in the department store, I always end up having a debate with myself on whether I should purchase it or not. Finally, I caved and with perfect timing, I might add!

I got these two bad boys for only Php 575! Revlon was having a promo and was selling these with a "buy 1 get 1 free" promo. Obviously, it's just a 2 for 1 special and not really "free" but, still, I couldn't resist the offer. The two colors I got are called "Honey" and "Crush". I'm in love with these two colors!

To put it in a few words, "Honey" is like your natural lip color but better, if you know what I mean? It's like your natural lip color but a more enhanced, vibrant version of it. It's an amazing everyday wear color. I highly recommend it! The consistency is really good too since it doesn't make my lips feel dry unlike some lip products. It is, after all, what is expected from a balm and I am pleased to say that indeed it feels like lip balm on the lips!

"Crush" is a more vibrant color. It seems like a dark-ish color based on the packaging but on the lips it looks wearable on a normal day. It has this dark plum-red color which seems more like red but darker. I know, I sound so very vague but it's pretty difficult to explain color. Just look at the swatches to see what I mean. Although, sometimes swatches on the hand can come out differently on the lips so be warned! Forgive the awkward swatching, there were some issues with my camera lens but you get the idea. The one on top is Crush while the one at the bottom is Honey.

Overall, I find the product very easy to use and has great color pay off considering that it's only a balm stain. I understand now what the hype was all about with these things. Definitely recommend it, no doubt! :)


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