Japan 2014: Photoblog Day 1

I took a trip to Osaka, Japan recently with the family. Sadly, Jess couldn't make it out there because of conflicting schedules. We were on Viber with her the whole time though, but obviously it's not the same. I'm still, actually, on a post-Japan high and can't believe the trip is over. I can't wait to come back and maybe visit Tokyo this time?

Technically, the trip was 5 days but our flight came in early in the morning so it was more like 4 days. We settled in an apartment we rented at around 2 am because we took the train from the airport to the city. You could only imagine the trouble we went through with carrying our luggages up and down the stairs (in the cold, no less!). The apartment was lovely. It was well furnished and surprisingly really nice. It was really well designed and one of the most efficient houses I've been to. Also, it was really near a convenience store and pharmacy which was great for us cause all we did was eat. The owners also gave us a portable wifi to bring around while touring Osaka and let me just say, their internet is fast. 

Day 1: Osaka Castle, Cherry Blossoms, old Osaka and the Osaka Skyline

That basically sums up the itinerary for day 1 of our trip. We headed to Osaka Castle to look at the cherry blossoms. They were everywhere! The whole place was so picturesque and the day was just too beautiful that not taking photos would be a crime. The weather was great too because it was just the right amount of cool without the uncomfortable hand numbing feeling. Then we went to a museum which showcased old Osaka. They had a life-size replica of a village and you could even put on kimonos so you could experience the old Osaka lifestyle. After the museum, we headed to the Hanging Garden, which truth be told had no garden, to view the skyline of the city. 

That's the older brother in the backpack, right there!

Mandatory selfies

- K

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