The Price of Responsibility and Legality

There are many excuses for my absence in this blog and I am completely sticking by them. First, I am drowning in school. College is crazy. Even if I consider this semester my most chill one cause of the lack of majors it still seems hectic. Given the remainder of the semester, it's crunch time for me. So, yet again, I will be on hiatus 'til I taste bittersweet freedom once again. Second, I am drowning in org work. Aside from my school work, I have become very active in my organization at school and have inherited a boat load of responsibilities. I am now part of the Executive Board for the next school year so I've been having continuous meetings. Third, I'm eighteen! Which is not an excuse but I just wanted to share that bit of information. I can now legally drink, get imprisoned and be accused as a pedophile but I don't plan on participating in the last two activities. My birthday was quit uneventful aside from the "surprise" gifts from the best people in the world. (I say surprised with a quotation mark cause I totally saw it coming. They can't out-ninja the ninja.) Fourth, I've been extremely lazy despite the many obligations I have to do. Yes, I suck, I know. Procrastination is my forte though and as much as I'd like to outgrow the habit it's been difficult and I always end up relapsing. Like now, for instance, I'm suppose to be writing a paper for my history class and yet, here I am, on the internet simultaneously clicking through different tabs. Fifth, I've decided to do actual physical activities rather than just sitting on my bed having movie marathons and watching Youtube videos. I've been going to Zumba classes and I must say I've been enjoying it. Sweating it out has been surprisingly fun. 

Anyway, I just wanted to write this quick post in order to tell y'all that I haven't dropped out the face of the earth yet and I continue to exist and breath the same air as you do. To add some visuals to this post, please enjoy this photo of a really cute cat that says forgive me for my lack of commitment. 

- K

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