my first Mong Kok adventure!

If you ask anybody here where you can get good deals, 99% of them would say "Mong Kok"... and then they'd warn you not to visit the district on a weekend, as the place is famous to locals and foreigners alike.

Being too excited to get myself some good deals, I totally disregarded their warnings and took the MTR to Mong Kok on a Saturday afternoon. (They weren't kidding when they said, "You don't know what crowded is until you get there!" It was totally worth it though!)

I went to Argyle Center via Exit D3 of the Mong Kok station. It was definitely reminiscent of Greenhills (for you Filipinos out there!) I found it more convenient to shop here than at the Ladies' Market nearby, since it was indoors, had airconditioning and wasn't as rowdy as the street markets. 

 Argyle Center has 3 floors of various stalls selling cosmetics (a whole set of falsies for 40HKD), hair accessories, shoes, bags (satchels, backpacks, rucksacks) and different styles of clothing. And the best part about it is... the items usually range from 20HKD-180HKD. 

***You should check all items before buying, even if the salespeople give you new stocks that are still wrapped in plastic. 

Deal #1: Cream knitted sweater (89HKD)

I was taken aback by how inexpensive this was, since it's actually quite thick. It was exactly what I was looking for, since I came to Mong Kok basically on a hunt for winter clothing. For 89HKD, this is only a fraction of the cost of its alternative from H&M

Deal #2: Tie-dyed jacket (100HKD)

Since my entire wardrobe is pretty much monotonous, I decided to purchase something that would add a bit of color to even the most neutral outfits. I actually like how this gives off a DIY project vibe, and even though they had 3 samples of this jacket, each had different designs/dye placements. It's quite similar to the army jacket Lily Collins is wearing from House of Holland below (which is, in my opinion, still heaps better, but that's probably because it's more than 4x the price of the jacket above). 

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Deal #3: Teal Dress from Cotton On (60HKD)

Cotton On can be found near the E1 Exit of the Mong Kok MTR station. Although there were no signs indicating there was a sale, I found a rack hidden deep inside of the store with labels "50HKD and below/ 50% off". 

I was so happy about the bargains I was able to get today, that I tried on some outfits the minute I got home. Haha! Next time, I'll hit up the streets of Tung Choi, Dundas and Fa Yuen. :)


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  1. I tried, but for these two, they didn't budge! Haha! Maybe I should learn how to say it in Cantonese next time.