Out and About at Katipunan: Kebabers and Picket Fence

As I write this, Jess is probably in her dorm room in Hong Kong taking care of university stuff or shopping, probably the latter. She's starting school in a few days so she finally flew over there and settled in. We're hoping with the sea as a gap between us, we would update this more and post more interesting content. Stay tuned for our future posts, we have loads of ideas.

Anyway, since she was leaving, we decided to eat out and hang. We originally just wanted to try Picket Fence but there was no parking, so we had to park in the establishment next to it which was Kebabers. Since neither of us have tried it, we decided to see what they had. The place is like a Taco Bell but Persian food version. They sold kebabs, shawarmas, etc. at relatively cheap prices. We weren't really hungry and we were really only after trying out Picket Fence so we decided to split something just to taste. We got the Beef Kebab Shawarma (Php 70) and the Beef Pichos (Php 95). We thought that the serving would be small but, boy, were we wrong. The Beef Kebab shawarma was relatively small and wouldn't be as filling if you were hungry but the Beef Pichos had large servings.

Beef Pichos

Beef Kebab Shawarma

The Beef Kebab Shawarma was nothing special but a decent snack. I did enjoy the garlic sauce though which was very flavorful. The Beef Pichos was like a Persian take on nachos. I was slightly craving for nachos that day which was why we got this. I thought it was the normal nachos but when we got it, we were quite shocked how big the serving was. They used pita chips instead of nacho chips which was a very interesting take on the nachos. Something different indeed! Although, maybe not everyone's cup of tea. The toppings though were just the normal tomatoes, cucumber, ground beef, cheese and the garlic sauce. The first bite was interesting since we were expecting a crunch to it like normal nachos but the pita chips were almost like flat bread that it had a little bit of a soft bread texture to it.

Next up, Picket Fence! We've been planning on going there for ages and the fact that Jess was leaving in a few days made us feel the urgency to go. So we finally planned it out. They serve normal food but they are more known for their desserts. The staff was really nice and accommodating. They let us taste the different flavors of ice cream and entertained our questions. We finally decided on two flavors, Bee Bee Honey and Rocky Chunky Choco (Single Scoop - Php 60, Double - Php 110). I liked the Bee Bee Honey because it was light and had the right amount of sweetness for my taste. Bee Bee Honey is like vanilla ice cream with honey and caramel bits. I usually go for chocolate but, surprisingly, I prefer this one. The Rocky Chunky Choco is very rich in flavor. It really is chocolate-y and it had this strange texture, as if it was almost powder like. It was a strange sensation but I liked it nevertheless. 

Rocky Chunky Choco

Bee Bee Honey
I enjoyed my overall experience at Picket Fence and would definitely recommend it! I have yet to try their other desserts and dishes. We were thinking of getting another dessert dish but it wasn't available at the time. I will be back though to try more stuff. I can't wait for that. HAHA.


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